AP Wine

AP Wine (APW)

$374,136 USD

Total airdropped


Total Recipients

Who was eligible?

Any Ethereum wallet which has done one of the following before December 2021:

  • Addresses that interacted with the APWine Alpha, Beta, and Liquidity Bootstrapping Event
  • Of the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool contributors, only those who did not sell their APW before block 12480000 (approximately 48 hours) are eligible to claim the airdrop.
  • Hand-picked community members who helped test previous iterations of the platform

How many tokens per wallet?

The quantity of tokens distributed varies widely. If you were a power-user, you were rewarded with a larger quantity.

Snapshot date

December 2021

Airdrop Ended

February 27, 2022

Current Average worth


Average airdrop size

425 APW

How to Claim

  1. Unfortunately this airdrop is already expired
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