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Genesis Mooncats (GMC24)

$49,191 USD

Total airdropped


Total Recipients

Who was eligible?

Any Ethereum wallet which has done one of the following before April 23, 2021:

  • Held an unwrapped MoonCat on the adoption center
  • Held a MoonCat wrapped with the unofficial community wrapper
  • Held a MoonCat wrapped with the official ‘Acclimated MoonCat’ wrapper

How many tokens per wallet?

If you met the eligibility requirements, you had one entry into the raffle. With about a 10% chance per eligible wallet, each winner was given exactly 1,000 GMC24

Snapshot date

April 23, 2021

Airdrop Ended

May 31, 2021

Current Average worth


Average airdrop size

1,000 GMC24

How to Claim

  1. Unfortunately this airdrop is already expired
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