Mask (MASK)

$6,900,600 USD

Total airdropped


Total Recipients

Who was eligible?

Any Ethereum wallet which has done one of the following before multiple dates in 2021:

  • Donors to Mask’s Gitcoin grants before 01/01/2021. The more one donated, the more $MASK one received.
  • Voters who participated in token projects’ governance such as Maker, Compound, AAVE and Curve. The more votes, the more $MASK one will receive.
  • Any ENS address that’s been linked to a Twitter account
  • People who used Mask to participate in its Red Packet, NFT or ITO.
  • Participants in Round 3 of Mask’s ITO

How many tokens per wallet?

Varied. Every 24 hours after launch, the claimable amount decreased 20% every day.

Snapshot date

multiple dates in 2021

Airdrop Ended

March 4, 2021

Current Average worth


Average airdrop size

100 MASK

How to Claim

  1. Unfortunately this airdrop is already expired
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