Seed Club

Seed Club (CLUB)

$1,133,616 USD

Total airdropped


Total Recipients

Who was eligible?

Any Ethereum wallet which has done one of the following before October 16, 2021:

  • 185,000 $CLUB split among wallets that own two of the following tokens - $FWB, $BANK, $FF, $WRITE
  • 185,000 $CLUB split among those who contributed to Seed Club NFT sales
  • 100,000 $CLUB was allocated to 40 all-star project leads from past cohorts. These individuals went above and beyond within their cohorts, and continue to be leading proponents for Seed Club today. Each contributor received a fixed allocation of 2,500 $CLUB.
  • 30,000 $CLUB was allocated to 40 partners who contributed to past cohorts. These individuals were the mentors, collaborators and guiding hands who helped connect dots and provide direction for cohorts and their teams. Each contributor received a variable allocation of $CLUB as judged by Seed Club Wayfinders.

How many tokens per wallet?

The quantity of tokens distributed varies widely. If you were a power-user, you were rewarded with a larger quantity.

Snapshot date

October 16, 2021

Airdrop Ended

March 29, 2022

Current Average worth


Average airdrop size

495.308 CLUB

How to Claim

  1. Unfortunately this airdrop is already expired
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