A plan for everyone


/ month


Basic airdrops and POAPs

  • Basic airdrops (Currently UNI, 1INCH, COMP, COMBO, ROBOT, & CRV)

  • Watch up to two addresses

  • Email alerts for basic airdrops

  • Reminders to renew your ENS names

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/ month


If you're serious about Web3

  • Premium & basic assets (reveals the "?" airdrops)

  • Watch 10 addresses

  • Email alerts for Premium & basic airdrops

  • Upcoming airdrop recommendations on earni.fi/learn

  • Auto-claim new POAPs

  • An elite POAP (when you stay for 3+ months)

  • No Ads

  • Reminders to renew your ENS names

What is a premium airdrop?

Premium airdrop screenshot

If you are a free user, you might see an airdrop with a "?". This is a real airdrop that you match and can go claim today!

To reveal the "?", you will need to become a premium subscriber. By becoming a premium subscriber, you get many additional benefits like watching up to 10 ethereum addresses!

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